Holistic Treatment Strategies
for BABESIA Co-infection

 Date:  Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Time: 8:00 – 9:00 pm, EST

Cost: Free!

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What we commonly refer to as “Lyme disease” is really a catch-all term for a collection of tick-borne infections and other associated health problems.  

Yet the pursuit of co-infections is often overlooked until much further into the disease process.  This is a huge problem!  

Why?  Because you may spend a lot of time being treated for Lyme-Borreliosis with antibiotics, herbs, or other protocols, meanwhile it’s a very different type of infection that is the direct cause of a majority of your symptoms.  

That means you stay sick for longer, because your treatment is incomplete or misguided.

Without a doubt, the treatment of active co-infections is as important as the treatment of Borreliosis (the infection that causes Lyme disease) in many cases.

Many people, including most doctors, are under the impression that co-infections are uncommon, rare, or occasional, or that if you have persistent Lyme disease that you’re only dealing with one infection.  This is a false notion.  

According to Dr. James Schaller who is an expert doctor and researcher on Lyme disease, “Babesiosis is one of the most deadly tick infections on earth.  It is not rare, a mere “coinfection” or “occasionally present.” 

The problems we face wiith Babesia are three-fold:  simply put,

  1. Diagnosis is difficult;
  2. Treatment is typically insufficient or mis-guided; and 
  3. There is a lack of knowledge and awareness of Babesia in both conventional and alternative medical communities, even less than Lyme disease.

In this month’s webinar, we will shine the spotlight on Babesia.  You will:

  • Learn about the diagnostic process for Babesia, including clinical signs, symptoms, and when to suspect you have Babesia co-infection;
  • Understand how Babesia complicates and may block your recovery from Lyme disease;
  • Discover the strategies and approaches that lead to the best treatment outcomes for Babesia;
  • Discover specific natural methods and protocols to treat Babesia co-infection, and when and how to use them to best accelerate your recovery from Lyme disease. 

Join us!  I look forward to seeing you there…

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