How We Work

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There is no shortage of information about treatment options for Lyme Disease on the internet. But any given treatment is only as powerful as your ability to wield it to eliminate the Lyme Disease and up-level your health.

Most of our clients come to us after having tried different antibiotic or herbal protocols – sometimes with limited success, and always with a lot of concern and confusion about where to turn next.

You do not have to expend your precious resources of time, money and energy figuring it all out! You do not have to re-invent the wheel.

The Uprooting Lyme approach to healing from Lyme Disease has developed out of years of trial and error and through the treatment of many hundreds of Lyme disease patients. The basic process shared below is the glue that holds the medicinal food, herb, cleansing, and other protocols together through many rotations and changes as your body heals.

As you can imagine, there is great therapeutic benefit in having clear evaluation of your symptoms, insight into your response to protocols and regimens, and an on-going re-assessment process that enables us to stay on top of what infection needs clearing, and what obstacle or roadblock needs to be addressed currently from week-to-week and month-to-month.

In this way you achieve the greatest efficiency, speed, and effectiveness of treatment with the least amount of stalling out, losing ground, and struggle.

We help you better understand how, when and why to use certain protocols, we know how to help you get the most out of each phase of treatment, and we have the experience to call when it’s time to stop a particular treatment protocol and move on.

How much faster could you heal with our knowledge and clinical experience guiding you on your way?

Our Signature System


1. Initial Assessment Period (a series of 3 consultations).

Gain the clarity you’ve been yearning for around…
a. your symptoms and their meaning;
b. the presence of infections, co-infections, and other illnesses and imbalances;
c. treatment priorities; and
d. the holistic strategies that are most important for you to implement now, and why;
e. a realistic perspective on what your road to recovery will look like, and how long it will take.


2. Unburden Your Body.

Cleansing is central to symptom reduction, Herx management, and lessening the total disease-toxin load. Gently, safely and at a pace your body-mind can handle, begin to rid the body of burdensome toxins, bugs, acidity, and congestion. This step sets the stage for success in the subsequent stages of treatment, and ultimately for full recovery from Lyme disease.

3. Optimize Gut Function.

Your gut is central to your immunity, physical strength, energy, and ability to fight and recover from Lyme disease. Heal the integrity of the gut so that digestion, immunity, and nervous system balance becomes strongly supported. Whether you have obvious digestive system weakness or not, you will gain immensely from this step in the process.


4. Knock ‘Em Dead!

Now you are fully ready to effectively kill and eliminate the Lyme and other pathogens from your body. We address each microbial pathogen (including parasites, viruses, yeast, the Lyme, and co-infections) with specific strategies and unique, clinically-tested protocols.

5. Accelerate Your Healing Potential.

Regulate the chaos in your immune system that is caused by Lyme disease, so that it can fight FOR you. Overcome issues of inflammation, allergy, auto-immunity, and poor adrenal function. Build momentum with additional strategies that strengthen your vitality, endurance, and innate self-healing potential.


6. Love Yourself More Everyday (LYME).

Stress, emotional stagnation, and old energetic patterns can aggravate symptoms and keep you held back, unable to break through to the next level of healing. Learn to clear your energetic and emotional roadblocks to recovery. This work goes way beyond stress management and also addresses the cognitive, mood-related, neurological and hormonal problems associated with Lyme disease.

7. Living Well With Lyme (For Now).

What you resist, persists. We support and empower you to face and embrace the difficult symptoms, constraints, obstacles, and pain – both emotional and physical – that Lyme brings. While holding the vision for your complete recovery, healing from Lyme also requires the cultivation of peace and acceptance for the challenges of the present moment. This process alone brings healing to your body, mind and spirit and frees up vital energy for self-repair and renewal.


8. Evaluate & Recalibrate.

Your process of healing from Lyme through the Uprooting Lyme Holistic Treatment System will be a dynamic journey involving individualized treatment plans with on-going modification, rotation of protocols, and regular refinement according to what is currently surfacing to be addressed. Along the way, we re-assess, celebrate your victories, and renew commitment to the next phase of the healing journey. In this way we make persistent, consistent progress, and do not stop working for you until your recovery is complete.

Not every step is central to every person’s process of recovery from Lyme disease. With each leg of the journey, one or two of these strategies will be what is most responsible for forward movement, and later different strategies will be required to break through to the next level of healing.