Parasite Cleanser


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Treats a wide spectrum of parasitic infection including worms, flukes,
helminths, and parasitic protozoa and bacteria. Treatment of parasitic
organisms is often a great aid in reducing Lyme and co-infections, and
supports healing a wide array of chronic inflammatory symptoms.

o Sweet Annie (Artemisia annuae) – eliminates many types
of parasites, Borrelia (Lyme), and babesia;
o Clove (Syzygium aromaticum) – broad-spectrum anti-
microbial and anti-parasitic; kills parasite egg & alternate forms of
Lyme & co-infections;
o Black walnut hull (Juglans nigra) – eliminates many types and forms
of parasites, worms, flukes, as well as fungal and yeast infections;
o Quisqualis fruit – dislodges and expels roundworm,
pinworm supports nutrient absorption;
o Chinaberry bark – treats infestation of round, hook
and pinworm as well as Trichomonas and fungal infection;
o Shield fern (Rhizoma Dropterydis) – kills liver flukes
and intestinal worms;
o Gall nut of Chinese sumac (Galla chinensis) – binds
o Mume fruit (Mume Fructus) – Expels roundworm and binds
o Terminalia (Chebulae Fructus) – treats many types of
intestinal infection + clears and binds toxins;
o Peppermint (Herba Menthae) – treats H. pylori, relieves gas and
o Fennel (Foeniculi Fructus) – relieves gas, abdominal
discomfort and bloating;
Organic Rain vodka


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