Going Viral Liposomal Essential Oil Remedy




The oils contained in this formula all have scientifically-proven or andecdotal evidence for reducing the viral load of numerous types of viruses.  We recommend this to support patients with prevention and treatment of Herpes family viruses (including Epstein Barr), as well as other opportunistic and epidemic viruses such as cytomegalovirus, HIV, influenza, and coronavirus.

INGREDIENTS:  Organic essential oils of hyssop linalool, melissa, cajeput, eucalyptus globulus, litsea, tea tree, cinnamon leaf, red thyme, bergamot; sunflower lecithin, colloidal silver, stevia extract, spring water, and Himalayan saturated salt solution.

STORAGE:  Store your liposomal in the refrigerator. Shake before use.

DOSAGE:  Unless otherwise specified by your practitioner, the standard adult dose is:

1 Tablespoon 2x/day for the first week. Increase by 1 Tablespoon each week up to 4 Tablespoons 2x/day.


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