Gan Cao Gan Jiang Tang Jia Jian Tea (Licorice and Ginger with Additions)


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This tea comes in loose raw herb form and is meant to be made as a decoction. Each bag of tea makes approximately 8 cups of strong tea when following our tea making instructions.

Ingredients: gui zhi (cinnamon twig), ban xia (pinellia), fu ling (poria), gan cao (licorice root), gan jiang (ginger), huang qi (astragalus), chai hu (bupleurum), fang feng (siler root) echinacea.

Tea making instructions: Using a pot made of glass, pottery, porcelain or stainless steel, combine one bag of herbs and 9 cups cold water. Soak the herbs for 30 min. Bring herbs to a boil on high, then lower heat and simmer covered for 90 minutes. Strain the liquid into a large container, preferably not aluminum or iron. Standard dose = 1 cup 2x/day

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