Consultation & Treatment at the October 2018 Holistic Lyme Teaching Clinic


Your ticket to an all-natural, sensible and powerful path to recovery from Lyme and complex chronic disease.


The Holistic Lyme Teaching Clinic session includes a consultation, acupuncture treatment, herbal and supplement protocols, dietary and lifestyle coaching, and 1 follow-up via phone or video conferencing.

This is a rare opportunity to receive consultation and treatment at 75% off the regular private rate as you participate in a supervised training of health professionals who are specializing in Lyme & complex chronic disease.

What you will receive:

  • Each session is led by licensed health practitioners and supervised by Hillary Thing, LAc.  These sessions include:
    • A full medical evaluation and treatment plan from the holistic medical perspective;
    • Herbal and supplement protocols to treat your Lyme disease as well as whatever other health problems are going on – it’s all connected!
    • Training and guidance in holistic detoxification;
    • Dietary guidance;
    • Specific instructions and support with regards to lifestyle adjustments that will support your recovery;
    • Each session might also include 1 or more of the following: acupuncture, Rife frequency therapy, near infra red light therapy, moxibustion, or cupping (as determined on the day of treatment).
  • A follow-up consultation by phone or video conferencing with our team of licensed practitioners which takes place 4-6 weeks following clinic.

Other benefits that we extend to patients of the Teaching Clinic for support in-between clinic sessions include:

  • 20% discount off herbs and other retail products
  • 25% discount off Rife session packages
  • 25% discount off Far Infra-red Sauna sessions
  • 25% discount off Near Infra-red therapy sessions
  • $10 off acupuncture sessions with licensed acupuncturists participating in the UL Mentorship Program.
  • Access to the weekly Uprooting Lyme Open Office Hours (via Zoom or phone) with Hillary
  • Access to the Uprooting Lyme Wellness Community Facebook page.

*PLEASE NOTE:  THIS PURCHASE IS NON-REFUNDABLE.  Spaces are very limited.  Your payment reserves one highly-coveted session.  Upon receiving your payment, you will receive an email containing your specific appointment time, which will be anywhere between 10am and 4pm.

If you have any questions, please call (845) 687-6211 or email


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