Class: Liposomal Essential Oils for Lyme & Complex Illness – Payment Plan Deposit


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Essential oils contain some of a plant’s most potent medicine.  For the plant, they function to protect, defend, and attract or repel certain pollinators and microbes.  Essential oils are potent protectors and defenders for humans too.  In fact, clinical studies performed by scientists at John’s Hopkins University now demonstrate that some essential oils are as potent as the strongest pharmaceutical antibiotics, yet they can be taken long-term and without toxicity or negative side-effects.  Learn how to utilize this powerful form of natural medicine in a variety of ways for clinical practice, specifically for use with the Lyme and the complex chronic illness population.


A strong focus will be on the innovative use of liposomal remedies and the difference they have made in our clinical success rates with Lyme and chronic infectious diseases.


In this class we will cover:

  • The essential oil materia medica for Gu (parasite & chronic inflammatory) disease
  • Safety precautions and concerns
  • The latest and most impactful scientific research that demonstrates the potency and effectiveness of specific oils
  • Hands-on demonstration and how-to information for a variety of delivery methods including nasal spray, suppository, liposomal, external application and cold-vaping methods.
  • Dosages and best practices for incorporating these remedies into your practice.
  • Protocols and recipes of our most popular formulas. A few examples include:
    • Marcons nasal spray
    • Acute and chronic Lyme liposomal formulas
    • Suppositories for parasites
  • Scientific sources
  • Resources for oils and supplies


You will leave the workshop with samples of these remedies that you can take and experience for yourself while you set yourself up to prescribe and create these remedies for your clients.


A whole new level of clinical effectiveness awaits you!



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