Holistic Lyme Practitioner
Mentorship Program
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Holistic Lyme

Practitioner Mentorship

Informational Video

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Are you ready to expand your practice & expertise?

The goal of this course is to facilitate the development of specially-trained, powerfully effective, confident holistic medical practitioners who are well-equipped at bringing those who are struggling with complex chronic disease all the way to full health.

When I think back on what it took to build my own practice specializing in Lyme and complex chronic disease—the research, the clinical experimentation, the trial and error, the stress over not knowing how best to guide patients through the ups and downs of treatment, and the constant innovation required to take patient’s healing deeper, farther, faster—I knew I had to provide more than just a brief training!

A New Paradigm for Lyme

The Uprooting Lyme approach:

  • Uncovers the hidden barriers to healing and addresses disease processes by focusing on the underlying cause of the problem, which leads to more profound and longer-lasting results.
  • Knows the body as an interconnected whole that is in dynamic relationship to its environment. We bring patients back to health by understanding what is lacking or out of alignment within the bio-energetic system as a whole.
  • Requires the patient’s willingness to transform, awaken, and see things anew. we treat the patient, not just the disease, and the patient is a co-creator of the treatment process. Treatments are highly individualized based on the patient’s changing needs.


The topics of this year-long training are multi-faceted and integrated into live and virtual clinical trainings with patients from our clinic. You actively participate in the practical application of the Uprooting Lyme approach and protocols, which results in deep and rapid up-levelling of your clinical skills.

Based on best practices of mentorship and learning theory, this course maximizes your mastery. Most important, it goes way beyond teaching information and theory to help you hone your investigative skills, perception and intuition, coaching skills, ability to uncover what’s blocking a patient’s recovery, and to manage actual complex chronic disease cases in real-time throughout the course.

The Holistic Lyme Practitioner Mentorship will expose you to a spectrum of holistic modalities:

  • Western and Chinese herbal medicine
  • Food as medicine
  • Water as medicine
  • Detoxification practices and protocols
  • Targeted protocols for mold, heavy metals, co-infections, yeast and parasites
  • Acupuncture
  • Emotional and energy management techniques Aromatherapy
  • Rife technology
  • Medical cannabis

The course contains multiple formats for interaction with Hillary and your fellow students to learn experientially, stay engaged, and get your questions answered as you go.

Clinical Training

The Detox for Lyme Online Program +
(9) Weekly Detox for Lyme Q&A / Accountability Calls

The clinical year will begin with Uprooting Lyme’s Detox for Lyme program. All practitioners will be encouraged to participate in this online program along with the patient cohort to experience the shifts of adopting the cleansing lifestyle together. This is your opportunity to take your cleansing practices to the next level! In addition, all participants will be supported by (9) weekly Q&A / Accountability calls hosted by Hillary and associates.

(10) Live Clinical Trainings and Follow-Ups

Patients will then move into the more formal “treatment phase” of their journey, while practitioners move into clinical practice. This will kick off with the first Holistic Lyme Teaching Clinic in May. From there, each patient will receive a monthly virtual follow-up led by a small group of practitioners, interspersed with treatment at the August and November Holistic Lyme Teaching Clinics.

Each Holistic Lyme Teaching Clinic includes teaching with Hillary, small group work with patients, clinical debriefs, and (if participating in-person) community meals with your colleagues. Everyone is asked to attend the entire Holistic Lyme Teaching Clinic sessions; you will be assigned a specific appointment slot for virtual follow-up sessions based on your availability. See our Course Curriculum.

(10) Monthly Virtual Mentorship Calls

A Monthly Mentorship Call accompanies each of the 10 modules of coursework. These calls provide an opportunity for lively discussion about the material and practical application of the concepts, strategies and protocols that you are taught in the online training. All calls are recorded and available for listening later if you can’t make it to the live call.

(30) 90 Minute Video Trainings

Structure and pacing is provided so that you stay actively engaged throughout the program and know when to watch each training in preparation for our Monthly Mentorship calls and the Holistic Lyme Teaching Clinics.

Video and written content provides training in topics such as:

  • Clinical recognition and diagnosis of Lyme, co-infections, mold, yeast, heavy metal toxicity, and other common causes of complex chronic disease.
  • Holistic strategies and protocols for the treatment of Lyme and stealth infections.
  • Practical application of the Uprooting Lyme roadmap to recovery.
  • Case examples and analysis.
  • Diagnostic and lab interpretation.
  • How to use water as medicine for Lyme disease.
  • How to work with food as medicine for Lyme disease.
  • Holistic cleansing lifestyle practices, plus targeted detox protocols.
  • Herbal formula prescribing
  • Treatment plan development
  • Management of antibiotic side-effects and Herxheimer reactions
  • Health generating lifestyle training
  • Coaching skills for maximum patient success
  • Follow-up evaluation and maintaining forward movement
  • Practice management and marketing for thriving as a Lyme specialist virtually or in-person
  • Patient education and expectations

Homework & Quizzes

For receiving NCCAOM CEU credits. Otherwise a great way to assess your understanding and facilitate integration of the teachings as you go.

Uprooting Lyme Practitioners Facebook Forum

You will be invited into our lively supportive community of practitioners from current and past trainings who post questions, cases, and resources with each other on a regular basis.

Lyme & Associated Diseases Diagnostics Manual

A quick reference and must-have guide for understanding how to recommend, interpret and advise patients regarding diagnostics for Lyme-Borreliosis, co-infections and commonly related diseases.

Recommended Reading

Optional high-quality informational resources that will expand your knowledge base and serve you well into the future.

Specialized Diagnostic Questionnaires and Checklists

So helpful in cutting through the confusion to confirm a clinical diagnosis for you and your patient.

Patient Education Handouts

We’ve created and refined how best to make stepping into lifestyle change easy for patients – so you don’t have to!

Bonus Module!
Community Leadership & Marketing Training

BONUS module! You will also receive the Powerpoint slide deck, talking points, audience handout, and recording of an educational webinar Hillary has given to one of her community’s organizations. You are free to reuse and modify this material to suit your needs. This is everything you need to become a holistic Lyme educator for YOUR community, which is the best and fastest way to establish your expertise, become known as the “go-to” practitioner for holistic Lyme disease treatment, and convey empowering knowledge to your community.

Real-world skill development, so you become confident and capable of treating real-world patients.

You’ll get the theory you need, but you’ll learn it in the context of real cases, with their unique case histories, lab results, symptom patterns, layers of dis-ease, tongue and pulse presentations, skin markings, emotional needs, treatment responses and more.


This training is for licensed healthcare professionals who feel called to:

  • Move beyond the antimicrobial and pharmaceutical treatment model and learn how to effectively build back your patient’s vitality and innate capacity to heal.
  • Masterfully develop individualized treatment plans with herbs, diet, life force generating practices, supplements, and holistic treatment modalities.
  • Equip yourself with innovative, powerful, nontoxic solutions for complex chronic illness and infection.
  • Expand your current offerings to improve outcomes with your chronic disease patients.
  • Strengthen your ability to work collaboratively with other licensed healthcare providers.

The next Holistic Lyme Practitioner Mentorship will start in March 2022.

Open enrollment has begun for 2022. Spots are limited, and available on a first come first served basis to qualified applicants. If you want to be among the first to register, fill out the application here.

Do you qualify?
This training is designed for licensed healthcare practitioners. If you are not a licensed healthcare practitioner, but have circumstances that you feel would make you a strong candidate for the program, you may also apply to be considered for acceptance to the program.

Application Process
Please fill out the application below. Within a few days, our Programs Manager will contact you to set up an interview, where you can get your questions answered and together we can decide if you are a good fit for the program.


What is the cost?

The cost for the entire program is $7,000. We require a $500 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot, then you may pay the remainder in full, or 12 monthly payments of $541.66 (March 2022 – February 2023).

If the cost is unaffordable for you but you are passionate and determined to take this course, you may apply for 1 of the limited number of scholarships here.  Please fill out the program application as well.

The cost includes lunch and dinner for all Holistic Lyme Teaching Clinic days. It does not include the cost of lodging, although we can recommend affordable, near-by places to stay.

Do I need to have prior training in acupuncture, herbal medicine or Lyme biomedicine?

No. You will receive training in Lyme and chronic disease-related biomedicine, and in the use herbal medicine, diet, acupuncture and numerous other forms of holistic treatment of complex chronic diseases. If a particular modality that is used in clinic is not available to you under your particular licensure or training, you will still benefit by observing its use in clinic, and building your referral network to include holistic practitioners with services complementary to yours.

Will I receive certification after completion of the course?

Upon completion of each module’s assignments, and assuming satisfactory attendance at the live and virtual clinics, you will:

  • Be awarded a certificate stating that you completed the Holistic Lyme Practitioner Mentorship, Level 1, with Hillary Thing.
  • If desired, you will be listed in a directory of practitioners who have completed the Level 1 course on the Uprooting Lyme website and become part of our referral network.
  • Receive an official badge that you can use in your marketing and on your website indicating you completed the Level 1 Holistic Lyme Practitioner Mentorship.
Do I have to pass tests or complete homework along the way?

Yes, if you want to receive CEU’s and/or become part of our referral network at the end of the course. Otherwise these activities are optional.

What is the time commitment? What if I fall behind schedule?

We estimate that the amount of time it will take you to cover the material and complete any assignments will be approximately 2-4 hours / week. There will periodically be “clinical integration weeks” when no new content will be delivered and you will have time to catch up. You will also have additional time after the course completes to finish any coursework that may be outstanding.

Is it a self-study course where I go at my own pace?

Yes, you may go at your own pace, and you will own the materials and be able to review the content as much as you want over time. That being said, you will get more out of our live and virtual clinical trainings if you have reviewed the material ahead of time. The written and video content informs some of the topics we cover during the live training so that you can practice applying the new knowledge in a clinical setting with real patients.

The only events of the course that must be completed live are the three Holistic Lyme Teaching Clinics. If you are taking the course for the certificate, you must attend 2 out of 3 Holistic Lyme Teaching Clinics live, in person or virtually via Zoom.

Is there a way to ask questions?

We love questions! Questions are welcome during the live and virtual clinical trainings, the Monthly Mentorship Calls, and on the online Practitioner forum.

Will I be able to ask questions and receive mentorship about my private cases?

Yes. You will be invited to bring your challenging Lyme cases to our live and virtual clinics, for discussion during our Monthly Mentorship calls, and to the forum. Learning how to better serve your current patients is a great way to begin implementing the teachings and reaping the benefits in your practice sooner than later.

There’s a topic I’m interested in that I don’t see listed. How can I find out if it’s covered?

Just ask! We’re happy to clarify any questions you have about the content topics that will be covered. You can email us your questions at programs@uprootinglyme.com or call us at (845) 687-6211.

Is this training suitable for international practitioners?

Yes. The need for well-trained holistic Lyme and complex chronic disease specialists is world-wide, and Lyme disease is spreading rapidly in Europe, China, Canada, Australia, and in many surprising places across the globe. Meanwhile, the number of healthcare providers who can identify and treat these diseases is extremely small.

We offer both in-person and virtual clinical training slots at our Holistic Lyme Teaching Clinics to accommodate those participating from afar.

What if I have a question that is not answered here?

We’re happy to clarify any questions you have about the Holistic Lyme Mentorship Training. You can email us your questions at programs@uprootinglyme.com or call us at (845) 687-6211.

Is this training in-person or virtual?

We offer both in-person/virtual and fully virtual options for participating in our Holistic Lyme Mentorship Program.

All of the video trainings for all 10 modules of the Holistic Lyme Practitioner Mentorship Program occur on our web-based platform for you to complete online at your own pace. Our monthly mentorship calls take place via Zoom.

You may participate in our live clinical trainings, the Holistic Lyme Teaching Clinics, either in-person at our clinic in Kingston, NY, or virtually via Zoom.

Holistic Lyme Practitioner Mentorship

Open enrollment has begun for 2022. Spots are limited, and available on a first come first served basis to qualified applicants. If you want to be among the first to register, click the button below to fill out the application.