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 In Co-Infections & Associated Illnesses

Bartonella_henselaeBartonella is one of the most common, yet often un-diagnosed co-infections of Lyme disease.

The treatment of co-infections such as Bartonella is as important as the treatment of Lyme-Borreliosis infection in many cases of Lyme disease, which often in reality is a cluster of tick-borne infections occurring together.

Surprising to many, exposure to Bartonella is common. People can contract Bartonella from fleas, biting flies, mosquitoes, and ticks, as well as bites or scratches from cats or dogs.

find-veterinarian-ulWorking or living with a flea-infested pet is a clear risk factor. You can also catch infection from a contaminated needle stick, which is an occupational hazard of veterinarians and IV drug users.

It is also possible for an infected pregnant woman to pass on the infection to her unborn baby, which could pose a risk of birth defects.

And it is possible to become infected via a blood transfusion, because blood banks do not screen for Bartonella, just as they do not screen for Babesia or Lyme-Borreliosis.

Why Bartonella Is Bad News
The 4 major problems that we face with Bartonella are:

  1. Exposure is common, yet diagnosis is difficult.
  2. Treatment through conventional medicine with antibiotics is usually insufficient, and/or difficult to tolerate.
  3. Bartonella is often accompanied by other infections, such as Borreliosis-Lyme infection, which complicates diagnosis and treatment.
  4. As a stealth pathogen, Bartonella weakens the immune system as it lives inside the body, and if this goes unaddressed, you will have a much harder time recovering fully.

Testing & Diagnostics

Conventional lab testing for Bartonella turns up a false negative up to 85% of the time because Bartonella has a variety of methods of evading the immune system.

The conventional labs screen for antibodies to Bartonella henselae and B. quintana, which are just 2 of the 15 strains of Bartonella that could be infecting you.

Igenex and Fry laboratories offers PCR testing, which is better, but only for the 2 most well-known strains of Bartonella (henselae and quintana). And finally, Galaxy Diagnostics offers an ePCR test that can test for all Bartonella species, and is the most sophisticated and accurate test available, and also the most expensive.

In the end, it’s important not to get overly hung up on lab work and securing an absolute diagnosis in this way. Instead, diagnosis of Bartonella comes out of a comprehensive clinical assessment of your symptom picture, your history, and lab test results.

Treatment Time

Treatment of Bartonellla takes a minimum of 4-12 months for more acute and recently acquired infections, and it can take up to 3-5 years if the case is severe and there are multiple layers of infection to deal with – plus sometimes additional time for nervous system tissue to regenerate and full self-healing to take place.

Layers of Chronic Infection

Multiple-chronic-health-issues-ulIn general, the more layers of chronic infection – such as Lyme-Borreliosis, Bartonella, Babesia, Mycoplasma, yeast, herpes, etc. – you are infected with, the more suppressed your immune system will be. The greater your disease load and weakened immunity, the more severe symptom picture you are likely to have – much more than any one of these stealth pathogens would create on their own.

A healthy, unburdened immune system can eradicate Bartonella, but a toxic or disease laden body can become horribly sick from the same disease.

Bartonella infection CAN BE quite debilitating; it is the co-infection that most often causes neurological Lyme disease and it is usually present in the more severe and chronic cases of Lyme disease.

This is in part because Bartonella, Lyme, and the other infectious microbes share DNA and work together in a variety of ways to resist antibiotic treatment and to disarm the immune system, thereby securing a long-term infection in your body.

Bartonella Weakens The Immune System

When this facet of the disease process goes unaddressed, it’s much harder to recover. Bartonella targets not only the red blood cells, but also the macrophages and CD34 progenitor cells of the immune system. It also uses these cells to hide from the immune system.

Therefore, active, consistent immune system support is actually as important as trying to eradicate the Bartonella.

Stealth infections are in part on the rise because they have evolved to take advantage of the compromised vitality and immune function that has resulted from the toxicity and chronic infections that burden most modern people.

Most of us walk around with way too much toxic accumulation in our tissues, and a somewhat compromised immune system already. As a result, these stealth infections come into your body and find a suitable home.

Unwittingly, we’ve paved the way for them to inhabit our bodies. And these are the internal conditions that we transform through the holistic treatment approach.

Symptom Presentation:
Here are the top 10 most common and characteristic symptoms of Bartonella:

  1. Fever
  2. Sore throat, swollen glands
  3. Bone pain, especially soles of the feet, shins, and ribs
  4. Severe head ache and neck pain
  5. Fatigue
  6. Eye irritation, pain, and symptoms
  7. Stretch marks, bruising, or rashesbartonella-schaller-skin
  8. Neurological symptoms
  9. Mood and cognitive problems – depression, rage, anxiety, memory, concentration – you name it, Bartonella can cause it.
  10. Temperature and blood pressure de-regulation.

The Role of Natural Medicine in the Treatment of Bartonella

The natural anti-microbials can be used either instead of, or in addition to, pharmaceutical antibiotics to decrease the disease-load in a gentler, non-toxic way.

They are potent, yet better tolerated by the body. If stronger medicine is needed, they can be used in conjunction with an antibiotic protocol to help the antibiotics be more effective, and require a lower dose. Natural anti-microbials can be used long-term and for maintenance as needed.

Antimicrobial protocols are in no way the whole picture of holistic Lyme treatment, as much as we tend to focus on that.

The central nervous system and the body as a whole also needs time and support to recover and heal its tissues.

opportunistic-ulThe holistic approach also involves strategies to actually promote the healing of damaged tissues, to clear inflammation and congested blood and energy flow, strategies to rebuild a high-functioning immune system, restore vitality, and develop a high-level disease resistance over time.

Specifically, a Bartonella treatment plan involves:

  • protecting the RBC’s and blood vessels, bone, spleen and liver where the Bartonella infects and takes control of the immune system;
  • reversing the inflammatory cascades;
  • restoring the immune system and life force energy
  • healing the specific symptoms where damage and infection is located, which is different from person to person
  • and lastly – eliminating the bartonella infection

When each of these bases are covered, the Bartonella cannot and will not continue to survive in your body, and you will recover your full health.

In fact, it’s very likely that you will become even more healthy and disease-resilient than you were before Lyme and Bartonella entered your life. People who walk the path of holistic healing from Bartonella and Lyme disease come out the other end of it embodying greater health, freedom, purity, strength, and personal power than before the infections came in.

That is the ultimate outcome that I see among my patients when they near the end of their recovery process.

That’s not just a big bonus of this path to healing, but in fact it’s a necessity for full recovery, because the body that allowed the infection to take hold in the first place, is not the same body that is capable of expelling and healing from stealth infections.

You and your body have to become empowered, cleaner, stronger, and more resilient as a result the treatment, and only the holistic approach provides that, when properly executed.

In the Uprooting Lyme approach this happens primarily through taking on certain healing and cleansing life practices consistently over time, which gradually increase the body’s cellular intelligence and life force so that self-healing is a fully supported process.

If you are wanting holistic treatment for Lyme or other similar complex chronic diseases, simply call us at 845-687-6211 or email info@uprootinglyme.com to set up an in-person or virtual holistic Lyme consultation at reasonable rates. Together we’ll co-create a strategic holistic treatment plan. Receive the support and guidance you need to regain your health, strength and resilience. Contact us now!

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  • Mechelle Bernstein

    Seeking healing from Bartonella disease

    • Hillary Thing

      Hi Mechelle, Sorry for the late reply. We just discovered several posts that never were made public. I hope you are feeling better, but in case not, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 845-687-6211 or info@uprootinglyme.com to discuss how we can help you.

  • Kendal Milford

    My name is Kendal Milford. I have two children. Bryce ( 9 yr old son) and Tori ( nearly 8 yr old daughter).
    I have watched a great deal of your clips on line.
    I have been on a hectic Rd for nearly 4 years. The doctors in South Africa are not equipped to deal holistically ( in tandem with allopathics ) as you are. In fact lymes disease and pandas is hardly known about.
    We carry ebv, mycoplasma pneumonia bartonella and a host of lymes coinfections.
    My children have motor and vocal tics, anxiety and are generally very difficult to manage. We are currently seeing Dr Jody Pearl-a neurologist who has agreed to a “Saving Sammy-Beth Maloney” approach to treatment.
    Their strep titers re a negative so long term augmentin ( although helping) is not all I think needs to be done. Bryce and Tori are also on 20 mg pulmison daily for this first month and 500 mg augmentin in the morning for the next month. We have had ups and downs and serious fatigue and now the sudden ticcing. Tori’s bladder is weak too all of a sudden as well. I am a distressed mother. We require treatment guidance and protocols for all three of us. Our finds are limited due to all the excessive blood tests etc and short of moving to NYC to be closer to a LLMD I am at a loss.
    Please advice me – is there any way you could be our Doctor over the oceans. I dream about a post lymes/ pans life for myself and my steadily worsening in health children. Please share some guidelines to recovery.
    Kindest regards

    • Hillary Thing

      Hi Kendal, Sorry for the very late reply. We just discovered several posts that never were made public. I hope your children are doing much better, but in case not, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 845-687-6211 or info@uprootinglyme.com to discuss how we can help you. We do treat people internationally via Zoom, and we do offer very low cost treatment through our teaching clinics several times / year. Happy to share more information via email.

  • Notrealname

    I DID have this with my Lyme! I also had Babiosia, which is really awful. I avoided a month long IV antibiotic treatment ONLY because my spinal tap was clear. They gave me doxycycline after a plus hour long IV treatment and I finally starting recovering. Prior to that, I had all these symptoms: all blood counts low, severe pains in the neck, shins, hips, wrists and ankles, rash, fevers, chills, messed up eyesight, couldn’t take direct sunlight, wanted to sleep all the time, breathing problems, muscle cramps and spasms, lack of appetite, problems with blood pressure, etc. The med technician thought prior to that I had had a spider bite because of the central necrosis, but the sulfa bactrin made me sick and either the medication and/or the set of infections produced more rash and severe diarrhea. The only odd things was that I didn’t lose much weight and gained terribly once I “recovered”. Of course it was months before I could exercise again and my nervous family members followed the doctor’s instruction on feeding me red meat and other high iron and high protein foods. I am still dealing with the weight gain (reduced of course and muscles built up more, but still a problem) a year later. It’s also embarrassing to admit, but after I recovered, I had one really heavy eight day period and haven’t had one since. I wonder if this has happened to other women? I am the right age, but it seems the Lyme disease plus co-infection put me right into menopause within a matter of months.

    • Hillary Thing

      Hi there, thanks for sharing your experience! I hope you are feeling much better.

  • Niki

    A very interesting article. Thank you. I’ve been on antibiotics for a few months for Bartonella, plus Dan Shen, Boluoke, Glutathione, Cal-Mag Butyrate. One month after stopping and symptoms are returning. I’d be interested to know what natural treatments you recommended as well as/instead of the above. I’m in Australia.
    Many thanks

    • Hillary Thing

      Hi Niki, I know your post was some time ago. Still just wanted to offer that it requires long-term treatment to heal. The natural options (like you mention you were taking) are the best. Most important is to keep your immune system strong, and then you will stay clear of symptoms. Let us know if we can be of service – we treat patients in many different parts of the world!

  • jessica

    I have Lyme never tested for Bart or anything else I need herbs a holistic plan

    • Hillary Thing

      Hi Jessica, if you are still in need of guidance and expertise, please reach out to our clinic at 845-687-6211 or info@uprootinglyme.com. We treat people both locally and from a distance, and we have low cost options if needed. Best wishes to you.

  • Cheryl Josma

    I was diagnosed with Bartonella last year…I still have it, and my doc moved away. I need help ridding of what’s left. I’ve been treated homeopathically ….herbals tend to make me sick. Please help.

    • Hillary Thing

      Hi Cheryl, if you are still in need of guidance and expertise, please reach out to our clinic at 845-687-6211 or info@uprootinglyme.com. We treat people both locally and from a distance, and we have low cost options if needed. Best wishes to you.

  • Bill Brock

    How do I find a doctor in Boston Massachusetts that will do this testing correctly?While I’m waiting to get tested which I’m almost positive I have what tinctures and supplements should I take?

    • Hillary Thing

      Hi Bill,
      The best testing is rather expensive and out of pocket. There is one lab, Galaxy Diagnostics, that is most likely to result in an accurate positive result assuming you have it. Many LLMD’s will utilize it if you request it. Alternatively, save your $700 and just start treating it! There are many herbs and products that we use to treat it. I do recommend at least a few personal consultations if possible. Please contact our clinic office (we have many patients from Massachusetts!) if you’d like to speak someone about scheduling a consultation. Warm regards, Hillary

  • Simon

    Hi i live in the uk not diagnosed but 99 percent sure I have lyme /bart
    Would you be able to help me in any way .my worst symtom at the moment is nerve pain

    • Hillary Thing

      Hi Simon, We would love to help you. You can try one of our products available in our shop (we’d specifically recommend our Spiro Upward liposomal essential oil remedy or our Bartonella tincture), or better yet, a consultation with Hillary or one of our associates. If you’d like to do that, you can contact our clinic at 845 687 6211 or info@uprootinglyme.com.

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