The Best Detox Cleanse For Lyme Is Not A Product – It’s A Practice

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The best detox cleanse for Lyme disease is not a product – it’s a practice. Now how can that be, you might ask, when the internet is glutted with high quality cleanse products, and many Lyme doctors offer a diverse selection of products to support your liver and detox function?

Fair enough. Now it’s my turn to ask you a question – when you take these products, can YOU tell the difference? Are these products working for you – or are they a waste of your precious resources, and more importantly, not doing the job of actually helping with your body’s dire need to clear the disease and toxin burden that makes you feel so sick?

In my holistic clinical practice where I’ve treated hundreds of Lyme patients over the years, when I start to talk about the need for detoxification a new patient might say, “Yeah, I’ve done that.” Or, “Yup, I’m taking some supplements for that.” When I ask what they do, they talk about things like milk thistle, glutathione, or a proprietary cleanse product from their LLMD.

There’s nothing wrong with these herbs or supplements, and in theory if not in practice they really DO support your body on some level. But they fall extremely short of what chronic Lyme patients need to accelerate their healing.

The truth is, real cleansing – the kind that leaves you feeling lighter, energized, younger and more vital – only happens when you put cleansing practices into place, not just rely upon detox products.

In fact, if you are taking lots of pills and powders, your body may detox better without all the supplements, for they are just adding to the internal traffic jam despite their best intentions.

theadventurebegins-ulInstead, you want to adopt what I call a holistic cleansing lifestyle. This is a foundational piece of the Uprooting Lyme approach to healing chronic Lyme disease.

Holistic means that we’re dealing with your whole body-mind-spirit when we cleanse, not just the liver. Cleansing means that the purpose of the health practices we put into place is to purify the entire system. And lifestyle because these routines become a part of your daily way of life, just like brushing your teeth.

You may not realize that your body’s natural cleansing abilities are a part of your circadian rhythm, which is divided into 3 equal portions throughout a daily cycle:

Appropriation of nourishment:   noon – 8pm

Assimilation of nourishment: 8pm-4am

Elimination of waste: 4am – noon

The holistic cleansing lifestyle takes advantage of the human body’s natural cycle.

This is why, for example, we recommend to all of our patients to begin their day with a quart of pure spring water (even better to add alkalizing lemon).

This hydrating ritual is followed by the consumption of fresh vegetable juice to further alkalize and hydrate the body’s tissues, which magnetizes the acidic waste and helps to escort it out of the body.

radianthealth-ulFresh vegetable juice also energizes and supplies a high amount of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and enzymes to the body, in an easily absorbable form, to support the body’s cleansing and re-building efforts.

There is much more involved in the Uprooting Lyme approach to cleansing, and consistency is key. But these are a couple of essential practices that serve as the initial building blocks of a holistic cleansing lifestyle, and they’re a great place to start.

The true promise of effective cleansing is that it will remove what is blocking your healing. This is because cleansing removes the obstructions that trap and block your inner power and vitality, which is your innate self-healing capacity. So hold off on purchasing more pills and powders until you put these basic daily practices into place!


Ready to learn how to effectively, safely detox – and literally clear the way for healing? Check out Detox For Lyme, our 8-week online course, which teaches you everything you need to know to cleanse and fast, whether you are just learning how or ready to move to an advanced level of cleansing.

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  • Debbie

    So what specifically do you suggest is used for the fasting, liquid diet other than water? Is there a purchasable shake one can use soley? What exactly should be used for the enemas, when during the day,’and how often during each day? If I’m left alone to do this myself without a specific shake that I can buy premises, my chances are slim that in will not lose control thru the day and eat regular food as its my weakness for comfort reasons. I need a rigid program of what and when to have/use and one that leaves nothing as an option for me to use or fall back on in addition. Please tell me detailed, the products (shakes pre made) and when and how many exactly to have. And then, which enema to use and when. I ask for this bc left w the physical ability to make up my own plan, I will break into gummy bears at night, and literally anything to comfort myself. I overeat and it’s all junk unfortunately, which I know is only delaying my chance if healing inside. Thanks’

    • Hillary Thing

      Hi Debbie, I highly recommend this for you:
      Comes complete with 1 hour / week call with our resident Health Coach, who can answer all of your questions and more!

  • Jin Hwangbo

    Thank you for the great info.

    • Hillary Thing

      thank you Jin!

  • Krista

    How do you address the fact that your body needs protein in the morning, best within 2 hours of waking and especially important to keep blood sugar levels steady? There’s no protein in fruit juice.

    • Hillary Thing

      Hi Krista, great question. First, actually there is protein in certain vegetables, especially the greens. Cleansing is a different approach to fueling and energizing the body. We recommend that you juice first thing, then eat something more proteinaceous when you are truly hungry for it. As you cleanse, your body depends less on dense sources of protein such as animal-based foods, and does well on light-derived sources of energy, such as fresh fruit / vegetable juice. Each person needs to go at their own pace in this regard.

  • Patricia Devlin

    Thank you so much for this and for your web site. It is such a relief to find this holistic approach.

    • Hillary Thing

      Thank you Patricia! It’s our pleasure to share.

  • ae

    Thank you for this! I’m having a rough time with the die-off (even with taking a break from medicines/vitamins/protocols)- this made me feel like I’m not alone and that there is hope!

  • Hillary Thing

    Hi Aurora, yes lots of hope. Please consider our Detox For Lyme program, or a free 30 minute consultation with us. Sounds like it would be very helpful for you.

  • Sonja L Avena

    I am interested in this, but have issues with mast cell activation from herbs and from die-off. Does this program address this? This is a fairly common issue for people with lyme. Thanks!

    • Hillary Thing

      Hi Sonja, yes this program is very appropriate for people with die-off symptoms and mast cell activation. As you can see, it doesn’t rely on supplements to initiate much needed detox (although a few are recommended). The focus is on the mechanics of detox and how we can support the body’s normal mechanisms via lifestyle tools and practices (versus ingesting pills). This approach is ideal for die off and MCA!

  • Rhonda

    How do I get the 30 minute free consult to see if the 8 week detox is for me?


    • Hillary Thing

      Hi Rhonda,

      You can apply for a free consult on our website here. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Kimberly Agee

    Hi. Can you use the liposomal EO while juice fasting or is that only recommended to take with food? Thank You

    • Hillary Thing

      Hi Kimberly,

      Yes, you can most definitely take it during a juice fast – all the better! It does not need to be taken with food.

  • Christy Lennon

    Hi Hillary,
    Where do I go to sign up for a free consultation for the 8 wk cleanse program?

    Christy Lennon

  • Mariann Czerna

    Thanks! Eating according to my natural rhythm has been a godsend to me. But the time intervals differ for me and my body is very persistent in sticking to these intervals. If I stray from it, I usually end up feeling nauseous and sick.

    Appropriation of nourishment: 8am-10am (11am-1pm) 4pm-6pm
    Big meal 8am-10am
    Small meal 11am-1pm
    Big meal 4pm-6pm

    Probably this rhythm differs by person.

    • Hillary Thing

      Thank you for sharing this Mariann! Yes, this will vary from person-to-person, thus the importance of getting in touch with your own “inner healer”!

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