Discover how to treat persistent Lyme disease, co-infections, and restore your vital energy with natural tools and strategies.

Healing from chronic persistent Lyme disease is not easy or simple, but it is absolutely possible, as so many of our patients have achieved, when you gain the advantages your body requires to effectively fight it.

We offer this program to those of you who believe deep down that recovery is possible, and who desire expertise, guidance, support, and treatment that harnesses the body’s innate ability to heal, in addition to eradicating the microbe itself.


“This program helped awaken me from the inside out.  If you have been suffering from Lyme and are feeling run down, sluggish and have symptoms you can’t resolve, this is the best way I’ve ever experience to enhance vitality and healing potential.  The combination of resources made this program work for me – the written content, the phone calls, videos, and especially Hillary’s one-on-one support, were all super-important.”

–  JL, age 50, Chronic Lyme & Bartonella infection

This program is for you if:

  • You’ve had persistent or recurring Lyme or tick-borne infection for 3 months or more;
  • You have been diagnosed with multiple infections, or multiple chronic disorders that complicate or are complicated by the Lyme disease;
  • You have tried different protocols, be they natural or conventional, and are now stuck at a plateau, or your health has worsened, making it clear that more help of a different kind is needed to get your health back;
  • You are suffering painful and uncomfortable symptoms, frustration, fear, depression, overwhelm, confusion, and more – and you want to reclaim your health so you can return to living your life;
  • A natural approach to healing your body and mind intuitively makes sense to you.

Successful treatment of chronic Lyme requires highly individualized treatment protocols and life practices that instigate whole body, multi-systems repair.  The holistic strategies we put to work for you include detoxification, vitality and cellular energy enhancement, and elimination of the disease-causing pathogens.

“I just finished watching video 6 from the Uprooting Lyme program, and also listened to the weekly group call.  I can only say that I think you are doing amazing work, really deep and powerful. I like the simplicity of how you present the information.  All that you discuss and describe feels in alignment with my values. I am so glad that I got to know you and receive the blessings from you of this vital health information.  Thank you so much for the shifting that has taken place in me already.  I know you are playing a large role in my healing from Lyme and I will be forever grateful.”

– AG, age 30, Lyme, arthritis, tendonitis


  • Improved energy and sense of well-being;
  • Decreased intensity, if not full relief from symptoms;
  • Awareness of the specific food, cleansing, and other lifestyle routines that uniquely make a difference for you to feel your best;
  • Clarity about what particular herbs, supplements, and protocols are most effective for you, and how to use them to their greatest gain;
  • A lighter, cleaner, less toxic body;
  • Independence, confidence, and control of your health;
  • A deeper understanding of your unique path through the Lyme disease maze – and a view of the light at the end of the tunnel;
  • Increased vitality and capacity for healing.

“Thanks to diligently implementing the Uprooting Lyme treatment program, I have lost at least 25 pounds, and have much less Lyme-related joint pain and numbness.  I also have more energy, and feel lighter physically and emotionally.  I feel cleaner and clearer, and am finally beginning to feel Lyme-free. Thank you so much!”

- JA, age 51, Chronic Lyme Disease

“I no longer feel isolated and depressed.  I have more clarity and my memory is sharper.  Detoxifying my body gradually over time has made a significant difference in how I feel on many levels…  I never expected to feel as good or see as much change so quickly!  The written content and group calls delivered essential information.  You’ll not find another practitioner as knowledgable and caring as Hillary to help you heal from Lyme disease.”

– AJ, age 54, Neurological Lyme Disease


1, 2, or 4 Private Consultations per month with Hillary Thing, MS, LAc., Cert. Herbalist, Cert. Detox Guide (in-person or via phone or video conferencing) to fully customize and personalize your dietary, cleansing, and treatment protocols and ensure the highest level of success and healing.

Weekly Course Content delivered via email or post that provides you with…

  • Clear, do-able instructions for each of the dietary, cleansing, and lifestyle elements that create the foundation for your body to recover fully from Lyme;
  • A deeper understanding of how and why each holistic Lyme treatment strategy works, and what you need to know to implement it most effectively;
  • Specific treatment protocols for important elements of Lyme treatment including
    • biofilm,
    • antimicrobials,
    • healing the gut,
    • decongesting the liver,
    • nervous system restoration,
    • reducing inflammation,
    • adrenal fatigue, and more…
  • And of course the recipes, kitchen how-to, inspiration, and all of the resources you need to help you stay organized, focused, on-track, and propelling your recovery forward throughout the 6-month program.


Weekly Q & A Group Conference Calls (4/month) that provide direct access to Hillary Thing so you can ask questions, receive support, and have a regular opportunity to check-in and stay connected.


Access to our private Facebook Forum where you can exchange ideas with others who are in the process of healing from Lyme disease with this same “beyond-antibiotics” holistic approach.

Consultation2Each 25-minute private consultation with Hillary is where we create a personalized treatment plan, and tailor the program’s dietary, herbal, supplement, and daily routine recommendations to suit your unique body, life, and lifestyle.

What’s more, as you proceed through the program, we consistently evaluate and assess how the protocols are working to improve your health, rid your body of the Lyme and co-infections, and see what is on the horizon to keep you moving forward on the path towards full recovery.

“When I started the program I was 30 pounds overweight, and suffered from neck pain, numbness in the arms, and knee pain.  It was a struggle to get through each day, I always felt ill.  In the past 6 months I have lost over 25 pounds, I have much less neck pain, the arm numbness is gone, I have more energy, and feel lighter both physically and emotionally.  You could try other doctors or modalities, but Hillary’s program will address it all.”

– DW, age 59, Chronic Lyme, joint pain, and post-menopausal decline

“The idea of fasts and cleansing never appealed to me. But: Almond butter and banana smoothies with cardamom. Warm bone broth with herbs. Freshly juiced veggie juice. This is what I’ve lived off for the past 3 days. Day 3 of juice fast and feeling like I did when I first started practicing yoga many moons ago. Light & focused & calm. Gratitude to Hillary for reframing “cleansing lifestyle” in a wholly practical, palatable, & meaningful way.”

– JD, age 48, Lyme, SIBO, recovering chocaholic


How do I register?

It’s easy!  Just follow THIS LINK, choose how often you would like to receive private support from Hillary for the course of your 6 month program, choose your payment option, initiate payment, and you’re all set!  You will receive your welcome packet and more program information following enrollment.  I’m so excited to begin our work together!

If you have questions you are welcome to set up a time for a free consultation to discover whether this program is right for you.  Just call (845) 687-6211 or email, and request a free consult for the Uprooting Lyme 6-Month Treatment Program.

This idea of a “treatment program” is new to me – I’m used to seeing health practitioners one-on-one.  What’s in it for me?

The treatment program model has many advantages, which is why I was compelled to create it.

In a nutshell, it enables you to learn about and implement the many health practices and protocols that we teach and use to treat Lyme patients in our clinic every day, for many years – without the cost of receiving all of this information through one-to-one meetings with me.

This saves you thousands of dollars, and enables me to convey this vital information to many more people, including those that may not have any Lyme-literate practitioners within easy driving distance of their home.

What if the program is too hard for me?

This program works powerfully for every person who is dedicated to it.  The step-by-step instructions are presented with a signature multi-tiered design so that you have options for implementing the dietary shifts, cleansing, and lifestyle changes. We help you navigate the level of change that you feel ready for – from very basic to advanced.

Do I need to “get healthy” first before doing something like this?

It’s helpful to get rid of what you know is not serving your body – the sooner the better!  The program is designed to support you in this process.  Our approach is gentle, holistic, and empowers your body to detoxify and re-build at the pace that your body’s inner intelligence will determine is best.

I will guide you throughout the course with a myriad of ways to speed up or slow down the cleansing and healing process, depending on what your body needs as we go.

Does this program include the cost of herbs and supplements or do they cost extra?

I have discovered over the years and with much experimentation that the best cleansing happens by supporting the body’s intrinsic detoxification capabilities with natural tools like healing water, foods, and the practices that encourage your body’s innate ability to cleanse and heal.   I share all of this in the program, all geared toward what your body needs most to heal from Lyme disease.

That being said, when products can take you further and enhance this process, I share this information too. In general, I take a very refined approach towards prescribing natural remedies so as to avoid overloading your system with too many vitamins and supplements that it is not able to make full use of. Not only does this save you money and steer you away from depending on products to achieve your health goals, your system functions better!

Through your private consultations, you will be given specific protocols to follow that will utilize herbs, supplements, and more. These must be paid for separately from the cost of the program.

I do not prescribe pharmaceuticals, and I use only natural products. Through the re-evaluation and rotation processes, we receive clarity regarding what is working. I do not prescribe massive amounts of expensive herbs and supplements without clear evidence that each item is necessary and making a difference for your recovery.

Can I do this course while taking antibiotics or other medication?

Yes.  There is no aspect of the course that is contra-indicated with any medication.  During your personal consultations we will discuss what medications and antibiotic regimens you have been on and are presently on, and discuss ways to help your body make the most of those pharmaceutical medications, especially the antibiotics.

Do you order blood-work or prescribe antibiotics?

No. In accordance with New York State law, those activities are beyond my scope of practice. I do often work in conjunction with medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, nurse practitioners, or other medical professionals to obtain the diagnostic testing and pharmaceutical antibiotic treatment that you may need.

If you are not currently working with such a practitioner, we can help you find one in your area.

How long are the private consultations with Hillary?

The first consultation may take up to 45 minutes. All follow-up consults are 25 minutes.

The private consults may be scheduled by phone, video conferencing, or in-person.

How do I know which level of Expert Engagement is right for me?

Through a brief phone interview we can help you decide on the best level of engagement for you.

In general, the most efficient and successful treatment of Lyme disease necessitates more frequent and consistent re-evaluation and modification of the treatment protocols (i.e. weekly versus monthly). We recommend monthly consults only for those who are on the mild end of the Lyme disease spectrum, and who are confident they will be able to implement the health practices and treatment protocols with ease.

What does it cost and do you have a payment plan?

Yes, you can pay in full (and receive a 10% discount) or pay in automated monthly installments.

We will review the cost options during your interview, but the range is from $350 – $600 per month.

When are the live Q&A calls with Hillary scheduled?

All calls will be held at 12 Noon EST on Wednesdays beginning July 7, 2015. If you’re unable to make the calls, you may send your queries via email, and they will be addressed on the calls. A recording of every call will be sent to you within 24 hours of the call.

What if I’m already on a special diet or protocol that’s working for me?

You can keep what is working for you – we will build on that.  The concepts and strategies that you learn can be modified to fit any diet, lifestyle, and treatment program. What’s already working is key information and will be folded into the greater scheme of your treatment plan.

How much time do I need to devote to this program?

As with all things in life, the more you put in, the more you get out.  We encourage you to participate fully on the group calls, make full use of the Facebook Forum, watch the short training videos, and devour all the content.  All in all, it may take approximately 4 hours per week to participate fully in the program and plan how to implement the step-by-step process into your life.

You may already spend that much time cruising the internet for information and forum postings that will never instruct you expertly in how to make the information relevant to your unique case of Lyme disease!

What happens after this program is over?

By the time this program is over, you may be fully empowered and Lyme-free enough to move ahead governing your healing trajectory independently.

For others, especially those who began with moderate-severe Lyme, private consultation may be continued with Hillary until the healing process is complete.