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The Uprooting Lyme Holistic Treatment Model For Lyme & Complex Chronic Diseases

Date:  Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Time:  3:00-4:15 pm EST

Cost:  Free!

Complex diseases that are based in chronic inflammation and infection are increasingly common.  girl-in-dark

From Lyme and chronic fatigue to auto-immunity, to un-diagnosable illness, chronic inflammatory and infectious diseases are commonplace in every holistic healthcare practice.

Poorly understood by conventional medicine, complex chronic diseases are difficult to diagnose and treat properly.  Often, pharmaceutical treatment makes the person’s health worse.

YET, the tools and strategies of natural medicine when applied to their fullest advantage can be a complete path back to health.

pathSadly, many holistic health practitioners feel unprepared and unskilled to confidently take on these complicated cases and lack the know-how and experience to lead these patients through the wild journey of healing Lyme and similar diseases from start to finish.  

If you are a healthcare professional who seeks greater expertise in the holistic treatment of Lyme and complex chronic diseases, this webinar will walk you through the Uprooting Lyme treatment approach and help you gain mastery in blending health generation with effective natural treatment protocols. smiling-woman


During this 75 minute presentation, you will receive:

  • A roadmap for organizing and systematizing your approach to the treatment of Lyme and complex chronic diseases;
  • A greater appreciation for the role that natural medicine can – and indeed must! – play if we are to achieve the best patient outcomes;
  • Insight into how to prioritize treatment elements such as detoxification, gut health, immune modulation, and more;
  • A clear understanding of how and when the anti-microbial strategy will best serve your patient;
  • A clear process to navigate the discovery and treatment of  your patient’s roadblocks to recovery; and
  • An opportunity to step into a much deeper and more comprehensive professional training that provides mentorship and live clinical training in this holistic treatment approach.

We will wrap with 15 minutes of Q&A.

Can’t attend live?  Register and we’ll send you a link where you can watch the recording for 72 hours following the live webinar.

I look forward to seeing you there!

ht-197lrPresented by:  Hillary Thing, MS, LAc., Master Herbalist & Detox Guide.  Hillary has spent the past 2 decades of clinical practice digging for answers to complex health problems, including cancer, Lyme, chronic infection, and chronic inflammatory diseases.  Her personal health, family, and community has been deeply affected by Lyme disease.  As a result, her clinical practice is devoted to teaching people how to heal naturally from Lyme and complex chronic diseases, and in the process build a vibrant, disease-resistant life along the way.