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 A Series of Interviews with Top Lyme Experts
taking place August 4 - 23, 2015

Deep thinkers and in-the-trenches practitioners share clinical pearls, personal wisdom, and the latest innovations in holistic and integrative treatment for Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease.

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The first ever Holistic Lyme Tele-Think-Tank will provide you with the rare opportunity to hear from top experts and researchers in the field of holistic Lyme disease treatment.

Marty Ross & Tara Brooke

Dr. Marty Ross & Tara Brooke, ND are co-owners of The Healing Arts Partnership in West Seattle, WA. Together they practice integrative medicine and specialize in Lyme and its associated diseases. They also co-write the online Treat Lyme Book.

Greg Lee

Greg Lee, MS, LAc is an expert on using Chinese herbs and alternative treatments for healing persistent Lyme disease at the Two Frogs Healing Center in Frederick, MD and through resources at

Connie Strasheim

Connie Strasheim is a Lyme disease survivor and author of numerous books on the holistic healing of Lyme disease, including the bestselling book, “13 Lyme-Literate Health Care Practitioners Share Their Healing Strategies”.

Ginger Savely

Ginger Savely, DNP, MEd has been steeped in the world of integrative medical patient care for Lyme and tick-borne disease for more than 20 years. As a Nurse Practitioner, writer, teacher, and speaker Ginger is a dedicated advocate for Lyme literacy.

Heiner Fruehauf

Heiner Fruehauf is a Classical Chinese medicine practitioner and scholar who specializes in herbal approaches to Lyme and other complex, chronic diseases. He is a founding professor at National College of Natural Medicine and creator of the Classical Pearls herbal medicines.

Dr. Richard Horowitz

Dr. Richard Horowitz is an Integrative LLMD, board certified internist, medical director of the Hudson Valley Healing Arts Center in Hyde Park, NY, and author of the NY Times bestseller, “Why Can’t I Get Better? Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease”.

and your host

Hillary Thing

Hillary Thing is a licensed acupuncturist, certified herbalist and detox guide, and creator of the Uprooting Lyme Holistic Treatment System. She has practiced alternative medicine for the past 2 decades in the mid-Hudson Valley of New York, and specializes in the holistic treatment of Lyme and tick-borne disease.

Lyme is the most complex and challenging disease of our times.

For those of us who have Lyme disease or who have witnessed the unfolding of chronic persistent Lyme infection in patients or loved ones, the truth is clear: the old medical paradigm of curing an infection with a single course of antibiotics is painfully inadequate for many.

It's no wonder a complete recovery from Lyme is so hard to come by!

The long-term use of antibiotics has its place in the treatment of Lyme disease, yet this approach alone does not work for everyone, and it has limits, and side-effects.

What other treatment options are out there?

The Holistic Lyme Tele-Think-Tank will open you to a range of other options for the treatment of Lyme disease beyond the use of pharmaceutical antibiotics.

Lyme is a scary and burdensome disease. It can cause you to feel buried and frightened by strange and isolating symptoms. 

The information available regarding the treatment of Lyme disease is overwhelming and full of conflicting views.  

If you suffer from chronic Lyme, you more than likely feel depressed, lost at sea, and wonder if you can ever get better not to mention trapped in an endless cycle of pain, misery, and loss of vitality.

During this free series, Hillary Thing and a panel of holistic-minded Lyme disease experts will share: 

  • Information about a range of strategies, treatments, and resources to propel you further along in your journey of recovery from the Lyme disease matrix;

  • Simple tools and health practices that you can implement on a daily basis to reduce symptoms and build your foundation for a full functional recovery;

  • The importance of a thoughtful and strategic approach that integrates the best of Western and alternative therapies;

  • Clinical wisdom from treating countless patients that has led to discoveries of what works best from the broad array of holistic treatment options;

  • Clear and concise information and from-the-trenches expertise regarding the most important and most effective health practices and treatment methods to guide you in understanding how to move forward in healing from Lyme disease.

The presenters are not only expert writers, researchers, and practitioners, but also role models and mentors who have helped hundreds or thousands of people recover from Lyme disease.

The Holistic Lyme Tele-Think-Tank is your ticket to:

  • Experiencing a positive vision of what is possible in your journey of recovery from Lyme disease;

  • Discovering health practices that increase your capacity to heal;

  • Being inspired by the knowledge gleaned from many years of focused trial and error in the field of holistic Lyme disease treatment;

  • Joining a supportive community of people who are seeking answers, health, and recovery from Lyme through holistic treatment methods;

  • Learning natural treatments that help antibiotic regimens work better; 

  • Exploring new and innovative holistic treatment options;  

  • Recognizing critical elements of your healing process that have not yet been addressed;    

  • Gain access to new information and resources to empower your healing journey.

So if you’re seeking to understand more about the powerful holistic tools and strategies that are available to help you make a complete recovery from Lyme disease, then register below for this ground-breaking summit!

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