JUMP-START Your Healing

A 3-Week Activation Program

in the Uprooting Lyme Holistic Treatment Approach

Many people with Lyme disease become exhausted and sick from long-term antibiotic treatment. So much more is needed to actually heal your body, restore damaged tissues, and reclaim your body, mind, and life from the grips of chronic Lyme disease.

Depending on how sick you are at the outset, the road to recovery may be long and winding. Yet with the right guidance and expertise you can get there via the most direct and efficient route possible. That’s my vision for you!


“When symptoms returned after a substantial course of antibiotics, I knew it was time to try something different. Within the timespan of Jumpstart, I was already feeling way better.  Joint pains – gone. Digestion – much improved.  Sleeping – much better.  Energy – clearly increasing.  I can exercise, I am productive at work, I feel like myself again.  Now I’m on a treatment plan to make sure it stays away.  Hillary knows what she’s doing.”

– MC, age 43, Recurring Lyme and Babesia, IBS

You have probably already seen many doctors, tried many forms of treatment, and spent a lot of money. You may not be ready to commit to the Uprooting Lyme holistic treatment approach long-term.

With that in mind, we offer you this 3-4 week Jumpstart Activation Program, so that you can learn first-hand how the Uprooting Lyme approach works, and how we apply it to your particular health situation.

The Jumpstart Activation Program includes:

  • 1 Initial Consultation with Hillary + 2 follow-up consultations to be scheduled approximately within a 1-month timeframe;
  • Access to 3 weekly Group Q&A Support Calls led by Hillary, plus recordings;
  • 3 weeks of training and orientation in the Uprooting Lyme holistic treatment approach (via video and written content);
  • Access to the Uprooting Lyme Wellness Community Facebook Forum.

Because holistic medicine must be tailored to each individual to work best, common questions such as…

  • How will I need to change my diet?
  • What exactly will the cleansing protocol entail?
  • How long will it take before I notice a difference?
  • What layer of infection do we tackle first?
  • Will I need to include other forms of treatment?

The answer to all these questions and more are impossible for me to answer accurately without getting to know you and your history better first, and to see how you respond to treatment.

“Another acupuncturist sent me to Hillary when she saw how bad-off I was.  I had seen 20 doctors and it was Hillary who figured out I had Lyme and Bartonella.  She helped me find good doctors to work with who treat me with antibiotics.  And she’s guided my treatment to help me get better over the long haul.  I could barely walk or use my body.  Now things are much better but I still have a ways to go.  I feel she saved my life because she’s the only person who helped me when I was in so much pain, depressed, and no one had a clue what was wrong with me.”

– DW, age 57, severe chronic Neuro-Lyme & Bartonella

So if you’re done with tearing your body down in an effort to build it up, if you know deep down that it’s time to focus on strength, resilience, and rejuvenation in addition to solving what’s been blocking your recovery – then listen to that calling.

From this 3-week introductory program you will receive:

  • Assessment and feedback from Hillary regarding your case and how the Uprooting Lyme holistic treatment path will work for you, including…
    • Clarity regarding diagnoses or the nature of mysterious symptoms;
    • Treatment priorities – what to focus on first, and what the most important holistic tools and strategies are at this time;
    • Prognosis – what changes can you expect in the coming 6-months and beyond;
    • Top concerns regarding what may be blocking or hindering your body’s ability to recover;
  • A deeper understanding of what the Uprooting Lyme holistic treatment approach entails as a long-term path to re-building your health;
  • Guidance with the initial steps of cleansing and recovering gut health and immune system function as those tools apply to your unique case;
  • Feedback regarding your top symptoms and concerns, and what elements of holistic treatment will be most important to healing;
  • Support and camaraderie from the positive-minded community of people like yourself who are walking the same path to heal from chronic Lyme and associated diseases.
  • Exposure to the routines and receivables of working with Hillary, our office staff, the logistics of the group online program, and the community of people we serve so that you can know whether committing to 6 more months on this healing path is right for you.

What happens when the 3 weeks is over?

The Jumpstart activation program is just that – a start.

If we mutually feel that the Uprooting Lyme approach to healing is the best path for you at this time, you will be invited into the 6-month treatment program, with a choice among 3 levels of engagement (investment range from $449- 849 / month).  You can read more about the 6-month holistic treatment program HERE.  

“I’ve had Lyme infection since I was a teenager, and have been off and on antibiotics over the years. They help, but I can’t be on antibiotics all the time! Hillary is a wealth of knowledge of other options, and the Chinese herbal teas are amazingly potent medicine, without the negative side-effects. Now I know what to do to keep myself Lyme-free, and if I do get re-infected, I now have options!”

– JB, age 35, Lyme, joint pain, loss of vitality

“I had Lyme, digestive problems, and stress for many years. Hillary helped me understand how all of these problems are interwoven. Her food and herbal treatment protocols made my symptoms go away, stabilized my hormones and mood, and I am feeling better than I have in almost 10 years! Thank you sooo much.”

– AM, age 40, Lyme, Babesia, gastritis, hormonal imbalance

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What is the cost of the Jumpstart Activation Program?

The cost is $749, which includes all 3 consultations, 3 weekly group Q&A / Support Calls, 3 weeks of written and video instruction and orientation to holistic healing from Lyme disease, plus access to the Uprooting Lyme Wellness Community Facebook Forum.

Your private consultations with Hillary may take place by phone, video-conferencing, or in-person.

You may pay online HERE, then we will contact you through phone or email to schedule your series of 3 appointments, and get you fully enrolled for a smooth and productive Jumpstart Activation Program experience.

Are you going to overload me with expensive supplements – because I’ve already got a lot – and I can’t tell what’s helping!

No. My approach to treatment through herbs and supplements is to begin simply, give the body a clear directive of how we’re asking it to move towards healing, and ascertain a clear response.

There are times when more herbs and supplements are needed to support the body, but it is my preference to show you how you can create the internal support you need through food as medicine and cleansing practices.

Our protocols are refined, we rotate protocols frequently, and we build on what we know is working for your body, and do not overload it with what it cannot make use of.

Are you going to pile on a lot of radical lifestyle changes that I’ll never be able to achieve?

No. More than likely, healing your Lyme Disease will require you to change some specific habits that you have unconsciously acquired in life. These changes will support you cultivating a healthy body for the rest of your life. Whatever needs to happen, we are here to support you, help you face challenges and obstacles, and figure out how to implement new habits with grace and ease.

I would like to speak to Hillary about my case to find out if she thinks she can help me, and to find out if we are a match for working together.

If you’re interested in speaking to Hillary before enrolling in a program or private consultation package, then please fill out an application for a free phone consultation here. We will do our best to schedule you, though availability for these spots are limited.

I have other questions – how do I contact your office?

You may reach us by phone at (845) 687-6211 or email info@uprootinglyme.com with any other questions, and we will return your query within 24-48 hours, Monday through Friday, EST.

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“I contracted Lyme Disease, and with the antibiotic treatments came a series of intractable symptoms – fatigue, muscle & bone aches, severe indigestion and nervous system crashes…  Among the many healers and doctors I visited, only Hillary was cued into the connection between my diet and nervous system… After three years of frustrating symptoms, Hillary, via her treatment program and big heart, gave me back my stamina and vitality.

– DJ, age 47, Chronic Lyme Disease, adrenal fatigue, SIBO