Hi, I’m Hillary Thing, creator of the Uprooting Lyme holistic treatment system. As life would have it, I’ve become an expert in guiding and supporting people from being buried by the complex and rigid layers of Lyme disease, to freeing themselves, layer by layer, until health and wholeness has been restored.

How did I get here?

Well, we were married just 10 months when my husband was first infected with Lyme Disease 7 years ago. Coincidentally (if you believe in coincidences, which I don’t) not two weeks later, our house was struck by lightning and burned, turning us out of our home.

Both events spawned long, arduous, stressful journeys. Yet amongst the char and rubble of body and home, certain parts of the brokenness glinted with gold – the hard-won learning from experience, the gain that comes out of loss.

Like sunlight streaming unobstructed to the ground floor, unblocked by roof or ceiling, fundamental truths become clear when old structures collapse.

My clinical work is about the truths that have been uncovered through the (on-going) process of aiding not only my husband, but hundreds of patients on their journey to heal from the Lyme disease matrix.

“Hillary is a healer. Her calming presence, knowledge, kindness and expertise in treating Lyme disease are a rare find.

—LP, age 56, Neuro-Lyme, TMJ & stress

I offer an alternative medical perspective. I am a nurturing mother, herbalist and naturalist at heart; a classically-trained Chinese medicine practitioner who is guided by the pattern-language of the body; and a pragmatic clinician who keeps what works and has no use for empty theory that does not propel the sick people under my care towards health.

I hold an unwavering belief in the power of nature to support the body’s innate healing capacity.

And I am uniquely skilled at taking in many seemingly disparate facts, feelings, histories, symptoms, past and present treatments, and finding the patterns, coherence, and priorities – the new story, if you will, and the thread that will move an individual from illness and stagnation to becoming well and whole.

Because Lyme disease is the pivotal challenge in the health of my family and my community, I have gained over the years a high level of professional knowledge, clinical wisdom, and innovative thinking about how to successfully treat Lyme disease.

I am passionate about finding the answers, the way towards alignment and full recovery, and I do not stop seeking solutions until a complete recovery is achieved.

In case you’re interested, when I’m not practicing alternative medicine I can usually be found with my two young girls, Dahlia and Alethea. You better believe I have my mind on how to keep my and your kids Lyme-free!

My husband’s body continues to teach me new lessons in healing the Lyme puzzle. Sometimes we think he’s won! Then there’s a viral relapse, a fresh bite, or a stressful situation that causes a flare.

Will it ever end?  We work towards Lyme disease resistance and resilience. In doing so we have embraced a way of life that is more broadly health-generating than I ever thought was possible for me.

Gaining self-mastery and control over one’s health are huge pieces of gold that one can mine for amongst the rubble. To a great extent, the reins of your health are in your lap, but you must take hold and learn to steer!   I’m here to help you, whenever you are ready.


In addition to maintaining a private practice in the Hudson Valley Region of New York State for the past 18 years, here are some past influential work experiences and trainings:


  • Hospital for Joint Diseases, Initiative for Women with Disabilities Program: Head Acupuncturist / Supervisor (2001-2005);
  • Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s Integrative Medicine Clinic: Acupuncturist for in-patients and out-patients, and clinical research trials (2002-2003);
  • South Bronx Lincoln Hospital’s Addiction Treatment Center: Auricular Acupuncturist (1996).


  • Faculty Member and Clinical Supervisor at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, where I taught, among other foundational subjects, the specialties of immunology, gynecology, cardiology, and psychiatry (1999-2008).


  • ILADS Conferences (annually).
  • Certification in Advanced Detoxification with Natalia Rose (2012).
  • Classical Qigong with Master Kwan Sai-hung.
  • Jeffrey Yuen, 88th Generation Taoist Priest: Advanced Acupuncture, Classical Chinese Herbalism, Pulse Diagnosis, Aromatherapy, and other specialty trainings (on-going).
  • Pediatrics in Chinese Medicine with Julian Scott (2001).
  • Integrative Chinese & Western Medicine Approaches to Endocrine Disease, Infertility, and Gynecological Disorders with Elaine Stern, LAc. (1999-2000).
  • Modern Chinese Medicine Treatment of Breast Cancer with Isaac Cohen (1998).
  • Integral Yoga Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Teacher Trainings (1994 – 1996).

“A friend referred me to Hillary, “the Miracle Doctor” as we call her… she is extremely knowledgeable about herbs, and she has turned my life around because she was able to clear the Lyme from my system when other methods weren’t working (and my daughter’s too!).

– CN, age 50, Lyme disease, hormonal imbalance