You feel stagnant in mind and body. You’ve suffered a loss of vitality, productivity, physical capacity, mental acuity.


Which often turns out to be a complex mess – a literal web – of many illnesses, which differs for each individual, all rolled into one…



unseen disease

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Let me guess: you’ve been to as many doctors and health practitioners as you have fingers, and perhaps you’re running out of toes too.

You’re dubious that antibiotics are going to provide you with a full cure.

And you are sick and tired of the confusion, overwhelm, lack of answers, or tangible solutions.


The modern medical antimicrobial treatment focus is only a ½ – truth, a partial solution?

Your primary capacity to heal comes from within, and your recovery deeply depends upon your ability to effectively restore that vital energy?

There were all-natural medicinal strategies, protocols, and life practices that could fortify your burdened body, alleviate painful symptoms, and contribute to casting out the infestation at the root of your dis-ease – would you be interested in learning more?

“I felt moved to share with you how grateful I feel for the level of care and support I experienced from you. Being treated was a peak experience in what was a true Whole Person approach to understanding and healing my body.  I continue to follow your guidelines… The results are amazing. I’ve got my energy and vitality back! My mind feels clear. My elimination is regular and predictable. I feel incredible. I really was in a health crisis due to Lyme disease that was affecting my energy, mood, and whole being. It’s great to feel like Me again.”

–  Fredrick M, age 46, Recurring Lyme infection, waning vitality, poor digestion